Apiranthos – Agia Kiriaki – Emery mines

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The trail starts from the parking at the entrance of Apiranthos village. Passing under the little bridge next to the main square (on your left after the church) it moves downwards, East – NorthEast on an easy to follow trail, until the old chapel of Agia Kiriaki. Half of the way, until there is in a forest (so there is shadow) and half on open space.

There is no water on the way. Right before you reach to Agia Kiriaki (about 75-90 min), on your left there is the intersection to the Emery mines (about 30 min walk in total). After you open and close some rusted fence doors, you arrive to a dirt road (about 10 min after leaving Agia Kiriaki). From there you can get to the mines either going right, following the dirt road or left and meet the trail entrance on your right after 2-3 min.

The latter is a bit steeper but there is shadow. It takes about 15-20 min to arrive to the end of the trail at the Emery mines. For the way back, the trail moves on a dirt road. Not particularly interesting and you also have to open/close some fence-doors on the way.
Overall, it is an easy trail. No water on the way. No risk or danger at any point.




12,51 χλμ

Υψ. διαφορά

465 m

Βαθμός δυσκολίας



465 m

Max elevation

602 m



Min elevation

346 m

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