Naxos After Dark: A Tour of the Island’s Best Bars

Discover the vibrant nightlife and hidden spots of Naxos in this little guide to its finest bars and lounges. From the picturesque terrace of 520 Premium to the cozy embrace of Like Home, experience an array of masterfully crafted cocktails, inviting atmospheres, and unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re seeking a night of lively music, a romantic rendezvous, or a taste of molecular mixology, Naxos offers a diverse selection of venues to suit every mood and preference. Embark on a journey through this enchanting island’s spirited nightlife scene.

520 Premium: A Haven of Flavor and View

Discover 520 Premium, nestled in the Old Market of Naxos Town, offering a plethora of ways to begin your day. Savor coffee, homemade sweets, and pies on its picturesque terrace, overlooking the Naxian port. As night falls, delight in masterfully crafted cocktails, using homemade purees and syrups, alongside an exquisite selection of wines and a potent home brewed rakomelo.

Address: Old Town, Chora, 843 00 Phone: +30 22850 27271 Website:

Island Bar: Magic and Merriment

Established in 1987, Island Bar in Agia Anna, Naxos beckons both locals and visitors with its quality spirits and enchanting cocktails. The magical nightly ambiance is complemented by inviting music, vibrant lighting, cozy white cushions, and cheerful faces, creating a memorable experience.

Address: Agia Anna, 843 00 Phone: +30 694 846 5878 Website:

Jazz & Blues: An Intimate Hideaway

Tucked away in a renovated building, Jazz and Blues offers a cozy retreat for those seeking both indoor and outdoor seating. Catering to a slightly older audience, this backstreet bar occasionally hosts live performances, ensuring a captivating atmosphere for enjoying drinks with delightful company.

Address: Chora, 843 00 Phone: +30 22853 01234

Meli & Kanela Cocktail Bar: A Cycladic Oasis

Meli & Kanela, situated near the entrance of Chora’s castle, offers a delightful retreat for any time of the day. Relax in its carefully designed Cycladic space, observing passersby while savoring a cocktail.

Address: Old Town, Chora, 843 00 Phone: +30 22850 26565 Website:

Like Home: A Comforting Embrace

Just as the name suggests, Like Home welcomes you with its cozy atmosphere, offering spectacular balcony views and exquisite cocktails. Sip on the island’s finest mojitos while enjoying the warm hospitality of its attentive staff.

Address: Οld Town, 843 00 Phone: +30 694 283 0326 Website:

Naxos On The Rocks: A Melodic Mélange

Nestled between Chora Naxos’ seafront and Old Town, On The Rocks Bar serves an array of beverages, from coffee and wine to exotic cocktails. With evenings filled with reggae, blues, rock, salsa, and more, this popular venue offers something for everyone.


Address: Pigadakia, Chora, 843 00 Phone: +30 22850 29224 Website:

Prime Bar: A Celebration of Life and Laughter

Prime Bar, a renowned party destination in Naxos, is helmed by the spirited Yiannis Athanasakis and his brother Aris. Starting as a morning cafeteria, the atmosphere transforms into an evening of dancing, laughter, and a vast selection of cocktails, all on Chora Naxos’ beachfront.

Address: Chora, 843 00 Phone: +30 693 712 7420 Website:

Swing Bar: Molecular Mixology Marvels

In the heart of Naxos Town, Swing Bar showcases its expertise in molecular mixology and extraordinary presentations. Enjoy inventive cocktails or request a customized creation. Experience a unique twist on the cocktail at this seafront gem.

Address: Seafront, Chora, 843 00 Phone: +30 697 697 2642 Website:

The Rum Bar: Elevated Elixirs & Scenic Views

Overlooking Naxos Town’s yacht harbor, The Rum Bar offers a fantastic vantage point and year-round service. Rock classics and occasional live music set the tone, while original cocktails featuring local ingredients delight the senses.

Address: Chora, 843 00 Phone: +30 694 859 2718 Website:

Dome Lounge Bar: Lively Nights & Romantic Vibes

At Dome Lounge Bar in Naxos Town, a young, energetic crowd revels in live music and all-night festivities. The candlelit interior provides a cozy atmosphere for both partygoers and romantics alike, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

Address: Old Town, 843 00 Phone: +30 697 482 7516 Website:

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